Funny Things About Donald Trump’s Inauguration Video You Didn’t Know

[E]ach of us have dreams that we want to fulfil, we watch them every night and work in the daytime with a hope to make them real.What of the nightmares, how about if you are haunted by one, and it gets into the reality.How would you react to it? One of those nightmares the most horror one which everyone around the world thought would just stay an illusion is no more an illusion. America’s 45th President Donald Trump reign which was not even considered once is now the most controversial story over the internet.It has been two months since he became the President of America. There was no single day when Donald Trump went unnoticed in the media, and you can hardly recall a news praising his work.

Photo Courtesy: India Times

One of the most reputed adult tube website (Po3n H4b) has featured Donald Trump up in their latest videos by manipulating his inauguration video, and the title is ‘Rich white man fvcks the entire country at once’. The level of agitation against Trump is evident from the no. of views the video has received I have already crossed half a million views.We are presenting some of the memes which are getting viral on the internet.We are no one to judge but if nobody wanted him as the presidents are there any ghost voters in the United states of America who brought Trump to power.

A Picture of the hosted video.


20th January was the day when Donald Trump took charge, and in less than two weeks he has shaken the world more than the blasts from the terrorist groups. Americans wake up every day thinking what next? Asians are feeling how many more days are they in America. Women are not even sure of their security and safety around the states. If we survey now How many people feel they are living in the safest country in the world, America is surely going to lose its top spot. I am now literally praying God Bless America.

Some of the tweets from the users who have taken their precious time to react on the prestigious clip of Donald Trump.

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