15 Sarcastic Vocabulary You Should Look Into

#11 Nuclear Cumsplosion

sarcastic vocabulary 11

#12 Accountabilabuddy

sarcastic vocabulary 12

#13 Cellfish

sarcastic vocabulary 13

#14 Relationshit

sarcastic vocabulary 14

#15 Sarcasm

sarcastic vocabulary 15

I can understand, that’s too much for those who are low on brain chemicals to process facetious knowledge.LoL, you won’t be reading this text, and hence I need not mention offending ‘no offense’ phrase.If you made it to this sentence, I am already a fan of yours welcome to the community of people like you. Share this post with those who can take this and with those too who don’t want to.Your criticism/comments will encourage us to improve and come up with quality content.

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