35 Funny World Maps School Never Taught You

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Funny World Maps

We grow up learning the things most of which are of little use to us, by the time we turn 20 we realize the school education was screwed up.Learning about the other countries and the people their culture was amusing at first later it became a headache. Geography was never my cup of tea until I came across these amusing, funny world maps created by some of the comic artists.

They tell us in school that mugging up the things won’t help try to learn by relating them or visualizing them though expectations from us are opposite. Have they taught about the states and countries as represented in these funny world maps I would have been one one of the brightest students in my class? Let us explore these illustrations of funny world maps and observe what we missed in our classroom lol.

#1 World of brands

funny world maps 1
Image Courtesy: Boredpanda

#2 What Americans think of North America

funny world maps 2

Image Courtesy: Boredpanda

#3 Those redhead stains

funny world maps 3
Image Courtesy: Boredpanda

#4 Football rules the globe.

funny world maps 4
Image Courtesy: Boredpanda

#5 Boob Sizes to classify countries.

funny world maps 5
Image Courtesy: Boredpanda

#6 World political map 300 million years ago.

funny world maps 6
Image Courtesy: Boredpanda

#7 American analysis of the world.

funny world maps 7
Image Courtesy: Boredpanda

#8 European codification by Americans.

funny world maps 8
Image Courtesy: Boredpanda

#9 Asian view that Americans hold.

funny world maps 9
Image Courtesy: Boredpanda

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