12 Secret Things Women love About Making Love

#6 Something Different And Amazing Makes Unforgettable Moments And You will Permanently Stay In Her mind if you satisfied her.

#7 Take Care Of The Position During Making Love.

It is very important to take care of the position while making sex. If the lower part of the female is raised by raising slightly more than two or three pillows, then it can be properly infected. The situation is even better when the woman comes and falls on the man lying down. From this, women feel more excitement in those ‘organs’.

#8 Be Polite In Every Situation And Positions.

All women want that very tender organ of her should not be given much trouble in the early stages. Women want men to be sensitized with their sensory organs. This means that they want to stimulate the use of the tongue and fingers during intercourse.

#9 If She Is Naughty Then Go According To Her.

Lots of intercourse position that can make your romance rememberable. Another position is good for women and men, that is ‘Doggy Style’. It means, in which the woman has balanced herself with knees and hands and the man goes after her right after having sexual intercourse.

#10 Love To Dominate

One of the other secret things women love about making love. Most women love to dominate their partner during making love. As they come over the male during sexual intercourse and sometimes also show violent tendencies, such as tightening men, cutting on partner’s chest, neck, cheeks, hands, etc., tighten your partner’s penis. Catching, or massaging on it, etc. If your partner does this, do not stop them, because they are a part of their love. Just be careful not to hurt your body.

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