5 Amazing Facts You Are Unaware About

#3. There is no Mexico

Okay, we are ready to have an excellent discussion on this, and we are questioning the existence of a country?
Calm dwellers calm! All we are doing is setting your facts straight. Most of us including Americans and Mexicans know the United Mexican States as Mexico whereas the official name of the country is “Estados Unidos Mexicanos” in Spanish and the English name you have already read in the previous statement. Wikipedia is your partner go check it out.

Image Courtesy: Google Images

#4 The Snake Glass

All I know about is “Gorilla Glass” is snake glass some innovation in this field? We know this is what hit your head as soon as you read the word with an animal with glass? To your amazement, we want to show you a glass that can withstand a hammer blow on the head but shatter explosively as the tail portion is clipped

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Image Courtesy: Google Images

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