5 Amazing Facts You Are Unaware About

Amazing Facts

We are aware our cave dwellers are intellectual and fun loving people, and so are we or will be sooner or later by the contribution of you people as a community.In this post, we have worked out to bring up certain amazing facts that most people think they know but, for a most of us although our knowledge is partial or incomplete on the subject.

We are confident you will love these amazing facts.

#1. Americans are the Corn-stars

It is a fact that Americans are the biggest consumers of corn in the world.In the United States, corn is used to make a lot of products. Corn is processed and is converted into starches and even sugars in a way that it is made suitable for people a Soft Drink! Still, don’t believe us? There is a movie on the corny habits of America by the name of King Corn, watch it then share your views with us!

Image Courtesy: Google Images

#2 Love your Germs

No, it’s not us who are saying it but the doctors and the scientists have proved that most of the bugs/bacteria inside our body are safe and are beneficial for our health. Our body contains more than 2 pounds of bacteria, and it can go up to a total of 9 pounds in weight! Strange but true. Now don’t you go to a medical shop and ask for a hand sanitizer and kill 99.99% of your friendly micro-organisms.


Image Courtesy: Google Images

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