10 Funny Cat Tweets That Ruled The Internet

Funny Cat Tweets

[C]ats are the most comic and dominating pets in the house. Whether it’s a dog or the owners, cats just don’t leave any nibble in them. They have been the best contribution in the entertainment for the humans. Talking about fun factors cats are hilarious than any other pet animal because they know how to “behave.” Well, some of the cat’s owners have posted funny cat tweets so show how evil, bad or entertainer their cats can be. Cats can be dangerous too, they also attack (play) on people, owners or even someone who messes with them.

We at Reader’s Cave have gather 10 of the best funny cat tweets that have ruled the internet in 2016, and we think that will surely going to make you laugh. These funny cat tweets are awesome and show the real side of the cats.  Cats are awesome! Aren’t they? They give their owner’s a bad day, bad week and even a year! Well, if they don’t do it, they aren’t cats! So here are the awesome & funny cat tweets by some cats owners that you are surely gonna love. Don’t forget to upvote and react to the funny cat tweets you, love!


#1 Cuddling Cat

funny cat tweets 1
Image Courtesy: BoredPanda

#2 Where is my Cat?

funny cat tweets 2
Image Courtesy: BoredPanda

#3 Ancient Murals

funny cat tweets 3
Image Courtesy: BoredPanda

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