6 Funny Feminist Baby Comics That Will Make You ROFL

Feminist Baby Comics

[A]rtist Loryn Brantz is one of the most famous designers in the market. He is known for his amazing work for cartoon comics. The comic is something that can either make your day and fill your senses with humour, of course, it shouldn’t be annoying 😛 otherwise, it can spoil the whole mood. Feminist Baby Comics is one of the creations of Loryn that is refreshingly hilarious.We have collected some of the most interesting pictures from this nice comic compilation to share it with our readers and see how they take this baby feminism.

Humans have evolved from the raw flesh eating beings to some brain-boggling masters. Apart from this, they have turned into child producing machines over the years.Cunningly eating up all the resources that we have got from mother nature. But still Human Babies are one of the cutest creatures in nature and, if the baby is with a fully functional brain get a gist of feminism, it can become sarcastically disastrous. Feminist Baby Comics will surely make you laugh.

#1 Trumpification can lead to inevitable disasters.

feminist baby comics 1
Image Courtesy: BoredPanda

#2 Nipples should have a slot feature.

feminist baby comics 2
Image Courtesy: BoredPanda

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