Twitter Trolled New WhatsApp Status Update ! You Will Go ROFL Reading This

WhatsApp Status Update

 [R].I.P. Hey there! I’m using WhatsApp. Yes yesterday when I woke up from my bed and thought of updating my WhatsApp status I was not able to find the usual status option on my smartphone. Don’t worry I do not own an iPhone(i iz gareeb 🙁 poor..). So with my eyes half open I was able to find something different in WhatsApp UI there was an Insta like camera on the top left corned and a creepy status tab with a dirty dot in the centre of chats and calls.This was the time I realised the there is a WhatsApp status Update rolled out by their new owners, yeah Facebook.

While I was abusing and trying to grasp this change, I was astonished to scroll through my Facebook feeds. half of the world is already mourning about this WhatsApp status update which has made it similar to Snapchat. People have begin calling names to Mark Zuckerberg and others were busy creating memes on it. Why now our own simple and efficient WhatsApp just got screwed bust because the youngest Billionaire C.E.O. wasn’t able to crack the deal with pretty teen Snapchat. Twitter can hardly take anything non seriously(;) if ya know what I mean). We are showcasing some of our personal favourite reactions on the newly freaked WhatsApp Update. I bet you don’t wanna miss any of these.

#1 De-Volution of stories.

#2 Homework tweet.

#3 From teens to parents.

#4 The pic says everything.

#5 Mark ZingerBerg!

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