15 Work Memes To Prove You Are Frustrated From Your Job

Work Memes

In a recent study, scientists have reached to an inference that we should not work more that four days a week.After reading this, I was so delighted that without a second thought I forwarded the same info to my boss and received double the work next in office and a fifteen-minute session on how my company’s policies are in my interests.Holy Crap! Lately, I found some work memes that proves my job-related frustration.I am posting these work memes for you guys.

If you are into the illusion, the more you work, the more tasks will get completed you are making a fool of yourself. I am posting these work memes for you guys that you might relate to your own self.

#1 I am not a xerorx or fax shop owner!

Work Memes 8
Image Courtesy: Buzzfeed

#2 He knows nothing about anything

Work Memes 7
Image Courtesy: Buzzfeed

#3 You bosses don’t consider the travel time

Work Memes 6
Image Courtesy: Buzzfeed

#4 Excel makes you Employee of the year

Work Memes 4
Image Courtesy: Buzzfeed

#5 Fishy vending machines

Work Memes 3
Image Courtesy: Buzzfeed

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