25 Strange Things Found In an X-Ray

Strange Things

[T]alking about X-Ray it might contain broken bones or fluids and every time they expose something unknown in human bodies. The X-Ray is pretty much obvious and tells about everything that people have been hiding inside them. Humans itself are strange creatures. There have been a lot of mythologies and old age stuff that may huddle up more secrets and mysteries about human existence. X-Ray came into existence when it started to show the things about the human body or animals body. Strange things about human body tell what could be done or damaged internally. Thinking about strange, some people think X-Rays are even painful.

X-Ray technology have helped people on both sides of medical science as well as entertainment. There are some technologies even that contributed the X-Ray as entertainment. Yes, we are talking X-Ray cameras and funny x-Ray glasses. Strange things found in X-Ray include this too. These strange things are a lot of more contribution than this. So here, we have gathered some of the strange things found in an X-ray that you might find scary or may enjoy.

#1 More Than a Toothache

strange things xray 1
Image Courtesy: List25

#2 Epic Fail Marriage Proposal

strange things xray 2
Image Courtesy: List25

#3 Knife Plunged Head

strange things xray 3
Image Courtesy: List25

#4 Killed With Nail Gun

strange things xray 4
Image Courtesy: List25

#5 Pair of Scissors inside the Abdomen

strange things xray 5
Image Courtesy: List25

#6 Arrow At Aim

strange things xray 6
Image Courtesy: List25

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