10 Cool Marvel Facts We Don’t Know About

#5 Thor is a reptile

cool marvel facts 6
Image Courtesy: Quora

Oops, we deliberately made that mistake, its Throg who possess many of the superpowers of mighty Thor but is merely a frog. Don’t get puzzled by his size this mini creature share a portion of Thunder God’s power

#6 Universification of MARVEL and DC

Have you ever thought of this, what if the two rivals in the industry come together as one? It has already happened in the past. 1996 was the year when MARVEL and DC Comics came together to combine their universes in an edition known as Amalgam. Some of the characters in that version were like:

DarkClaw: Batman-Wolverine

cool marvel facts 5-1
Image Courtesy: Google Images

Super Soldier: Superman-Captain America

cool marvel facts 5-2
Image Courtesy: Google Images

Iron Lantern: Iron Man-Green Lantern

cool marvel facts 5-3
Image Courtesy: Google Images

Wooo Hooo Hooo hoo it would make an epic movie.

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