10 Cool Marvel Facts We Don’t Know About

#7 Housekeeping Service for Superheroes

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Whenever there is a fight much destruction happens everything gets messed up there must be some countermeasures for that. Marvels must have thought of it, and that is why they had created a company in their universe known by the name of Damage Control, yeah you read it right a dedicated team to whom Superheroes call when they need help. Hats off to you people!

#8 Wait! You gonna get a baby otherwise

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It was the year 1970 when MARVEL in partnership with an organization ‘Planned Parenthood’ released a special edition of a comic called Strangest Spiderman to discourage teens from having unprotected sex. Voila! You want to comment, don’t you?

#9 We gotcha Rapper Yo!

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Forgive us for the slang there but we were like aww when we got to know about the existence of a character in MARVEL universe by the name of the rapper God ‘Eminem’. Above this Eminem teams up with none other the Punisher oh my crazy Lord! Isn’t it insane?

#10 Dying ain’t for me!

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We sometimes wonder what if we just have to sit, relax, sleep and repeat. We know you must sometimes be thinking, naah all the time. MARVELS created a superhero who is good for nothing sit, relax, sleep die and repeat. Yes, you read it right Mr. Immortal has no superpower but to stay famous even after being killed in almost every way including getting shot, suffocating, drowning, getting stabbed, exploding and the list continues but this stubborn not so super superhero never dies.

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