20 Funny But Honest Anti Valentine Cards For Couples Who Are

Anti Valentine Cards

February is the month of love because in this month there is the day of love called The Valentine’s Day. The only one day for lovers, it’s like a festival for all age lover or couples. In the first week of February, every person who is in a relationship think about the gifts, surprises, party and much more to make his/her partner feel special. There is a common thing which is used by every person who is in relation, to represent their feeling or express the love they do with his/her partner that is “VALENTINE CARD.” Yes, Valentine’s card through which one person can share their love, feeling and some romantic quotes to make his/her partner happy. But sometimes people make some unique and funny quests or anti valentine cards called Sarcasm-Valentine-Card.

Here are some Anti valentine cards which are created by famous artist Julie Ann. She created many anti valentine cards which are funny but truly honest. So, take a look at every anti-valentine card and share with your partner and wait for a different and funny reply from your spouse.

#1 This is one of the cheesiest cards.

Anti Valentine Cards 1
Photo Courtesy: SarcasmLol

#2 Blanket Stealer. Do you have your favorite blanket stealer?

Anti Valentine Cards 2

Photo Courtesy: SarcasmLol

#3 This is one the truly funny anti valentine cards.

Anti Valentine Cards 3
Photo Courtesy: SarcasmLol

#4 Love is beyond the sweet talks!

Anti Valentine Cards 4
Photo Courtesy: SarcasmLol

#5 So true. Men always pretend this.

Anti Valentine Cards 5
Photo Courtesy: SarcasmLol

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