10 Chilling Mumbai Winter Jokes To Charm You Up

Mumbai Winter Jokes

[I]t’s chilling cold out there if you are living/staying in the Northern part of Indian sub-continent, you must be experiencing one of the coldest seasons we humans have ever experienced! LoL, you must be saying we listen to this every day every year and are bored of these routine stats.Today you will be amazed to know who are complaining about the cold weather, self-strolling citizens of the city of dreams yes it’s none other than the Mumbaikars who are trolling themselves making Mumbai winter jokes. I mean are you even serious? Frosty winter in Mumbai? Then what should we call the condition of poor chaps in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and other northern states of the country?

Mumbai winter jokes have made their way to trending threads in India, and while they are still rocking the web market, we are sharing with you some of the young tweets/updates from the people of the Bollywood city, Mumbai.

#1 30 degrees is freezingly cold in Mumbai.

mumbai winter jokes 1
Image Courtesy: Buzzfeed

#2 This Goan boy is the next Arnab Goswami.

mumbai winter jokes 2
Image Courtesy: Buzzfeed

#3 Delhites trolling Mumbaikars.

mumbai winter jokes 3
Image Courtesy: Buzzfeed

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