10 Popular Comedy Youtube Channels You Shouldn’t Miss

#7 CarryMinati

CarryMinati: A teenager is the founder of this page. He is 17 year old boy who make funny videos on youtubers and make a great space on youtube channel. Now he is one of the most popular personality in the world of youtube.
Total Subscriber: 0.4M
Total Subscriber: 52M

#8 BeingIndian

BeingIndian: This channel is managed by Sahil Khattar and he taken it to the high level. In this channel they provide daily dose of humour.
Total Subscriber: 1.1M
Total Subscriber: 184M

#9 Nazar Battu Productions

Nazar Battu Productions: Two friends who wroks together made this channel and provide weekly dose of humour and pandugiri.
Total Subscriber: 0.2M
Total Subscriber: 19M

#10 Zakir Khan

Zakir Khan: He is a stand-up comedian, writer and presenter. He rose to popularity by winning Comedy Central’s India’s Best Stand Up Comedian competition.
Total Subscriber: 0.2M
Total Subscriber: 20M

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