18+ Innocent People Who Tragically Died While Trying to Take a Selfie

#13 Impossible selfie, no one imagine.

We will not lie to you this photo is fake, and it is impossible for pilots to click a picture at high altitude. Because of low-pressure, the speed of the plain and existing at high altitudes would quickly crash the plane.

Photo Courtesy: viraliq

#14 Remember! Not only focus on the camera.

The enjoyable and lovely moment turned into Tragically Died Selfie when the water stream in Beas River all of a sudden expanded.

Photo Courtesy: besttimepass

#15 Reasons Tragically Died Selfie 

These Iranian ladies attempted to click a selfie in their auto then unbalanced and slam toward another auto.

Photo Courtesy: besttimepass

#16 This joyfully faces never seen before.

This selfie uploaded just second before take-off. This selfie reminds an accident of Kuala Lumpur flight MH17, who’s targeted by a missile.

Photo Courtesy: viraliq

#17 Choose only one thing ride or phone.

We can only question, why on earth a psychotic people needs extra attention on social media. They do an illegal and dangerous work, to get attention on social media. This person crashed on the road while he clicks the selfie.

Photo Courtesy: besttimepass

#18 Beware from light and selfie.

This Accident was happened in July 2015 and added to the list who died to take an innovative selfie. A man trying to take the selfie of lighting, unfortunately, he and his phone completely pulverized.

Photo Courtesy: viraliq

#19 Please don’t show your bravery on the rope.

Again a Russian pic viral on the internet because of the reason of his death to take an extraordinary selfie. A 17-year-old boy attracts millions of people because he took a selfie on a rope.

We don’t know what wrong in his calculation, but what happened was truly tragic and painful. He slips from the rope and free fall he did not expect.


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