7 Hidden Amazing Secrets in Everyday Things That You Didn’t Know About

Hidden Amazing Secrets

[E]veryday we do a lot of activities, utilize a lot of facilities come across many of the new things. Of these, some actions are repetitive that constitutes our daily routine while others we happen to involve ourselves rarely of for the first time. No, you might be thinking So What! I am writing this post today to make you people understand the phenomenon that we encounter every day, but we seldom know the hidden amazing secrets behind those.

#1 Why the Trams ZigZag.

hidden amazing secrets
Photo Courtesy: Tapoos

We see that trams go in a zig zag pattern but not straight. Let me tell you the reason!
There is a pantograph attached on the roofs of the trams. As the time passes pantographs suffer wearing and tearing by overhead wires and requires regular replacements. The problem is that only upper part of the pantograph is affected and hence to make sure it wears evenly the wire is set in a zig zag fashion.

#2 King of Hearts secret.

hidden amazing secrets
Photo Courtesy: Tapoos

The only King without a mustache is the King of Hearts. Apart from this, there is a sword he is having that is stuck in his head. Out of many Some of the theories are below to explain these hidden amazing secrets:

The first theory is simply bad copying to card makers. It is said that the King of Hearts formerly held an axe, and due to the bad quality of copying, the axe was disfigured and replaced with a sword.

Another theory is that the King of Hearts represents Ajax the Great who was one of the suitors for Helen of Troy, who was said to be the most beautiful woman in the world. When she denied him Ajax, in depression chose to commit suicide and stabbed himself with his sword.

Another theory claims the King of Hearts represents the emotionally disturbed King Charles VII. Charles VII was so afraid of being poisoned he took his life instead, by putting a sword through his head.

A further theory is that someone else who is murdering the king is holding the sword. This theory surfaced after people noticed the sleeve of the hand holding the sword was different from the right sleeve of the King’s clothes.

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