10 Unsolved Mysteries of the World

#4 Nazca Lines

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It was the year 1927 when Passenger Airplanes started to fly over Peru and Nazca region. Passengers observed certain strange lines, shapes, and patterns on the ground.It attracted a lot of tourists resulting int the discovery of a variety of geoglyphs scattered over a geographical 200 square miles.Since then a lot of theories were proposed to explain the origin of these strange patterns.Nazcan’s were known to be religious people so they might have made this area as a drawing board to please their God. Another explanation was that these geoglyphs depicted precise astronomical alignments. Aliens are also not spared and were believed to be the reason for the existence of Nazcan’s Lines.

#5 Stonehenge

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Stonehenge one of the most mysterious places in the world as acclaimed by many. Yes, it these stones put together in the fashion they look a piece of art until one realizes that nobody built it. It is what is fascinating about these structural combinations of huge stones forming Stonehenge.While there are many theories to explain why Stonehenge would have been constructed we are still busy figuring out what machines/creatures have carried these stones to the place of their existence.

#6 The Bermuda Triangle

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In The Atlantic Ocean, there is a TRIANGULAR area where so many ships and planes disappeared. The mystery behind all the deaths might finally be solved as scientists have been studying the weather and cloud patterns that engulf the Bermuda Triangle and are in a position to relate it some changes in the ocean current.

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