10 Unsolved Mysteries of the World

#7 The Dancing Plague of 1518

unsolved mysteries of the world

In July 1518 in Strasbourg, a dance mania occurred called The Dancing Plague. A woman Mrs. Troffea began to dance in street of Strasbourg, she continuously hops for 4 to 6 days after that within a week 34  people had joined, and within a month they were around 400 dancers. During this period The Dancing Plague killed around fifteen people per day.

#8 The Hum

Unsolved Mysteries

Can you hear that? What if you are the only one who can listen to a disturbing noise in the middle of night, others have no idea what are you talking.Above all the voice doesn’t fade away and you can hear it at a constant rate at similar times night after night. This happened with a lot of people starting from the year 1980, and recent experiences are also recorded. The mystery was termed as ‘The Hum’ accusing the authorities of experimenting with the human brain.Very Low Frequency (between 3 kHz and 30 kHz) is also a top contender to explain this mystery.

#9 The Voynich Manuscript

mysteries of the world

There exists a novel or book or to be precise a manuscript nobody can understand yet popularly known as “Voynich Manuscript” named after Wilfrid Voynich, a Polish book dealer who purchased it in 1912. Carbon dating revealed that the script had been written in early 15th century with a particular kind or iron gall ink. What’s mysterious about the manuscript is the language of which nobody has understood a single character, illustrations of trees, which we can relate to botany, biology, astrology, cosmology, and pharmacy but find no existence in the real world.Every theory put forward to explain this manuscript eventually becomes a controversy.


#10 The Wow Signal

Unsolved Mysteries
The WOW signals had been noticed when SETI was involved in research on Aliens. Astronomer Jerry R.Eham wrote WOW! on paper, where he got the signals from somewhere. The Signals are now termed as WOW signal. Scientists continue their research on WOW signals, but they never got that type of signals again. Thus, this adds it to the list of unsolved mysteries of the world.

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